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Sulzer Orthopedics is a leader in the field of tribology: the study of wear, lubrication and friction of interacting surfaces in motion. We invest a large percentage of our resources into the research and development of new technologies that will come as close as possible to truly replicating the body’s natural anatomy.

With patients placing more demands on their joints than ever before, our mission is to develop durable, long-lasting implants that help people enjoy their quality of life.

We offer a full range of joint implants designed to meet differing patient needs and surgeon philosophies.
Product News

2002-04-04 UniSpacer Press Release
New Minimally Invasive Surgical Procedure for Arthritis May Delay Knee Replacement Surgery
2001-03-02 Cementless Anatomical Shoulder
Sulzer Medica launches cementless option for Anatomical Shoulder implant
2000-11-01 Durasul Knee
Sulzer Medica Announces FDA Clearance of DurasulĀ® Knee Replacement System
2000-03-16 Durasul Large Diameter
DurasulĀ® Large Diameter Hip Replacement System Addresses Two Biggest Challenges in Hip Replacement: Wear and Stability.