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Do you or a loved one have difficulty walking?
Has your quality of life become limited by pain and stiffness?

If so, take heart in the fact that treatment options are available.

Sulzer Orthopedics is dedicated to developing breakthrough technologies that will improve the quality of life for patients who suffer from severe joint pain. Our goal is to recreate the body’s healthy anatomy through implants that will provide a lifetime of pain-free, natural movement.

This patient area will help you understand arthritis and joint replacement, including how our implants may be able to help you. There are stories from patients who have been through what you’re facing, and news stories from across the country about the latest medical breakthroughs.

We hope this information helps you get the best treatment available and helps enhance your quality of life.

2002-04-04 UniSpacer Press Release
New Minimally Invasive Surgical Procedure for Arthritis May Delay Knee Replacement Surgery
2001-03-02 Cementless Anatomical Shoulder
Sulzer Medica launches cementless option for Anatomical Shoulder implant
2000-11-01 Durasul Knee
Sulzer Medica Announces FDA Clearance of Durasul® Knee Replacement System
2000-03-16 Durasul Large Diameter
Durasul® Large Diameter Hip Replacement System Addresses Two Biggest Challenges in Hip Replacement: Wear and Stability.
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