Who We Are

People who suffer from arthritis or bone injury understand all too well how pain can affect every aspect of life. Sulzer Orthopedics is dedicated to helping people regain a normal, pain-free lifestyle through the development of implants for hips, knees, shoulders and elbows that mimic the healthy, natural joint. Sulzer Orthopedics is one of the top four suppliers of musculoskeletal implants in the world.

Artificial implants offer patients the best hope for obtaining long-term relief and enable them to comfortably resume everyday activities, including sports such as golfing, walking and swimming.

“It had been so long since I had walked normally without pain and limp that I would sometimes catch myself watching others walking and laughing and try to remember what it was like,” said Deborah Hamilton, who was injured in a propane-leak house explosion in rural Oklahoma. “This thing called total knee replacement is the most marvelous surgery. For a surgeon to take a person so limited in life’s actions and make a mobile, active person who is pain free is a miracle.” Hamilton’s injured knee was replaced with Sulzer Orthopedics’ Natural-Knee ® implant.

David Floyd, President of Sulzer Orthopedics, says the biggest challenge in orthopedic medicine is extending the lifetime of implants beyond the 10-15 year average before they need to be replaced. Sulzer Orthopedics recently received clearance to launch a new type of technology that was featured on NBC Nightly News because lab testing indicates it may last longer than conventional implants: the Durasul ® hip system. The company also made news by offering the only hip implant in the U.S. to be backed by a limited lifetime warranty: Metasul®.